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Cook Island drumming

By 22. September 2009 Drums, Oceania 2 Comments

It just happened that one of the exponents of Cook Island drumming was doing a workshop that I was able to sit in on. Dr. Jon Tikivanotau Jonassen, a Rarotongan by birth, who has toured internationally with the famous Betela Dance Troupe. He has developed a unique way of notating the rhythms from the Cook Islands. It was wonderful to meet him and hear his perspective on drumming Pacific style. Below is an example of the unique Cook Island playing.

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Here is a small clip of Cook Island dancing …… drum and dance go hand in hand within this culture. The exciting news ….  the Pacific Mini-games was being held in Rarotonga, 22 different Pacific countries were represented … so we heard some wonderful cultural expression during our stay.

At the opening ceremony and during the games ….. drums were always a focal point bringing timely encouragement to the athletes much like vocal chants  in English football matches.

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