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My dear Again Yesterday Sunday 22nd January 2017 I was in the Village for Service and taking time with the Villagers as we are their servants in both Physically and Spiritually, All the Time we took with them it was really so important to encourage and pray with different families in the Village due to the famine and severe droughts. Also we learned a lot from them and about the whole situation. The famine actually is becoming very hot and already affecting many poor families in the Community. The crops prices are fast going very high one tin of maize with 18 kilograms is now sold for 25,000 Tshs, that makes one sack of maize to be sold for between 140,000 and 150,000 Tshs regarding how many kgrms it contain. We never had this price price before it is the higher price never crops reached the most sad thing is very fast shooting up,no rain raining and the Government Taking no any step nor precautions at all. And the reality is Dodoma is among the mostly affected Regions in the Country. The Government people are just silent say nothing instead they are not honest to the community they are politically orienter as I hope you briefly Understanding our politicians. It is only We Spiritual Leaders Trying to open our mouths praying and Console the people and if possible calling for the help.

Seth writes – #tanzaniadrought2017

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