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Tanzania relief – maize delivered

By 20. May 2013 Tanzania No Comments

C Crowds gathering 11Thanks to all those who made this possible – the maize has arrived and been distributed. The pictures show the process of buying maize in Tabora – loading trucks and arriving at Mnase village – finally the gathering of the villagers and distribution.

Good news, the Tanzania food relief has reached Mnase village  – please pray for peace during distribution – what a story, Seth has traveled over 1200km (Tabora is 600 km away, where he eventually found good food) to bring back to Mnase village. The process has taken over 4 weeks – this was due to most of the food around Dodoma being unfit for people and many are becoming sick – its a very sad situation.Seth says – “Just with Happiness I would like to let you hear that 120 sucks of good maize was unloaded Yesterday At Mnase village from the big scania truck.We have not distributed them but we hope to distribute them Tomorrow.People are so happy, PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL CONTROL THE DISTRIBUTION,THAT PEOPLE WILL NOT MAKE VIOLENCE,BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE SO STARVING AND THE FOOD WE HAVE IS LITTLE FOR THEM TO HAVE ENOUGH.”

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