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Yearly Archives: 2012


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The roneat is a Cambodian instrument that is similar to the Western xylophone. There are two played in an ensemble, the roneat ek, positioned at the front of an orchestra, considered to be the female voice and the roneat thong, the male voice.

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 3

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – Just come back from Sweden so this months music videos comes from that beautiful land. They have some unique traditional instruments like the nyckelharpa and wonderful traditions like yoiking (a style of singing).

I love this song sung by Sofia Jannok a singer-songwriter from Sweden who has taken the  tradition of yoiking (Sami singing) and made it her own on this pop song.

Cambodia – Khim

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A short clip from the Garlands for Ashes DVD. This is a very popular instrument amongst the Khmer people of Cambodia, a dulcimer type instrument called the Khim..  Originally it is thought to have been introduced to Thailand and Cambodia from China. I loved the sound and managed to find one, deep in the recesses of a market in Phnom Penh.

When broken glass floats

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Just been reading an amazing account of survival from Cambodia. The book is called “When broken glass floats” after a Khmer proverb and is about the life story of  Chanrithy Him whose family fled their home twice, becoming refugees, forced to live in a rural village and she ended up trekking through the “killing fields.”

Tahitian drumming

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I have been learning Tahitian drumming when ever I get a chance to come to Kaua’i – and this trip I was very honoured when my teacher, Tepairu Manea invited me to play at a small craft fair event with his band. I had so much fun. The instruments played are Tahitian log drums called Tuerre (pronounced Tuelle) and a type of bass drum known as a Pahu. Can you spot the haoli (white boy)?

Kaua’i – pictures

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We are out on the beautiful island of Kaua’i working on some new recordings. Had to show you the beauty of this place – the oldest island of Hawai’i and in the centre Mount Wai’ale’ale one of the wettest places in the world – hence every thing on the island  is so lush and colourful.