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Videos from Tanzania

Here is a collection of new videos recorded on our 2011 return trip to Tanzania. A great rainy season has brought the best harvest for over 8 years which in turn has made an unbelievable difference to life in the village.  Celebration is everywhere, not only for provision, we have arrived at a very special time of year in central Tanzania as Gogo children head out of the village for male circumcision …. the drummers are in full voice, often celebrating all through the night. Their light weight drums are made from a wood called muheme.

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In 2005 we recorded this Zeze group and choir for the Sing to the Well CD. This time they had a mbira player adding to the sound.

A chance discussion about old sounds resulted in a very special discovery. This instrument is the last one in the village and had not been played for around 20 years. With a dual purpose it gathered maize during the day and was turned upside down and used as a drum for certain occasions. It was mainly used during female circumcision and as that custom has died out completely, the instrument has also now been forgotten.

If you haven’t bought the Sing to the Well CD and DVD already, buy it here enjoy more music from the Gogo people and help Mnase village.


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