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Maori art

By 4. September 2009 Oceania No Comments
Creative workshop09

One of the highlights of the hui was this collection of Maori art telling the sad story of Nia Glassie. The artist used cultural symbolism and glass in her piece about this young 3 year old child who was battered and killed. The horrific abuse astounded New Zealand, bringing it to its knees. One of the things that was so powerful was the significance of glass, causing you to see your own image reflected in the art composition.

Creative workshop05

Another one of her paintings was this Maori portrait of a former gang leader with a moko (face tattoo). Each line and symbol on his face tells a story in Maori culture, almost like an identity card. Ancestry of the father and mother, rank, work and mana (influence and authority) would all be contained within the markings, originally cut with a bone chisel and mallet …. !!!!

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