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Back to Mnase


Early this morning we set off to Mnase village in what can only be described as a metal moving object crammed to absolute capacity with people, chickens and general household objects. This picture gradually got worse as people finding no room through the doors started climbing in through the windows ….. and every once in a while there would be startled looks at the realisation that there were Msungu’s (white people) on the bus!

It was wonderful to be back in the village, and very quickly there was a crowd of well wishers wanting to show us all the changes in the village. In 2005 it was a church bell, heard in the distance that brought our attention to the fact that there was more that one denomination. When we asked our host about meeting up with the leader of the Anglican Church he was very wary and tried to put us off. We eventually persuaded him to arrange a meeting with the other pastor. It was a very tense situation at first but as we told Rebekah’s story of a family who had hundreds of years of Anglican history starting with John Rogers a man who was martyred for his faith, something broke and we left with gifts of friendship. Two of the people who greeted us on our return were the pastors, who are now working together and best of friends.

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