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A Nasir-ud-Din story

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The legendary Mullah Nasir-ud-Din arrived in the city in the middle of Ramadan. The mullah was very hungry and when he heard that the Emperor was providing a free iftar (meal that breaks Ramadan fasting) to anyone who came to the Red Fort he immeadiately tied up his donkey and went along. However he was so dirty from his ride that the Master of Ceremonies placed him in a distant corner, far from the Emperor, and at the end of the queue for food.

Seeing he would not be served for hours, the mullah went of back to the caravanserai in which he was staying, he washed and dressed in a magnificent embroidered robe topped with a great gilt turban, then returned to the feast. This time he was announced by a roll of kettle drums and a fanfare of trumpets bellowing from the Naqqar Khana. The Master of Ceremonies placed him near the Great Mogul and a plate of freshly grilled lamb was put before him. But Mullah Nasir-ud-Din did not eat. Instead he begun to rub the lamb all over his robe and turban.

The Mogul said: “Eminent Mullah. You must be a foreigner from a distant and barbarous land! I have never seen such manners in my life before!” But Mullah Nasir-ud-Din was unrepentant. He replied: “Your Highness. This gown got me fed I think it deserves its portion too, don’t you?”

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