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05 Korean Drummers

Korean drums ….. Samulnori is a traditional percussion music which originates in Korea. Nori means ‘to play’ sa means ‘four’ and mul meaning ‘objects’. I believe it was a music that celebrated a good harvest amongst farmers in rural villages.

Korean drum 2

Each drum represents weather and this drum called the Buk, signifies clouds. It’s a little bit like the bass drum of the group.

04 Korean Drummers

This drummer is playing the Janggo, a drum made from wood with horse skin heads. This drum represents rain.

Korean drum

The hourglass shaped drum has a bass left side that is played with a wooden drum mallet and a treble right side that is played with a thin bamboo stick called a switch.

03 Korean Drummers

This small gong is the lead instrument and is known as Kkwaenggari representing thunder. It is struck with a stick called a “chai” which is made of wood.

Korean gong

The fourth instrument in the ensemble is the Jing gong which represents wind and is played with a soft mallet.

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