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Music from the Nations


Israel – Heartbeat

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Ruth Fazal and I have been working together for a number of years and this is our first instrumental, violin and percussion collaboration – recorded at Pluto studios in Tel Aviv. Whilst recording 3 other projects during a 10 day period we decided to try and capture any spontaneous ideas – this album was the result. This track is called Seven.

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La música de la Mixteca – music from Oaxaca

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Just had a wonderful afternoon discovering more about an area in Mexico that has fascinated me for a long time since I read an article in National Geographic. For most people Mariachi will be the music that is synonymous with Mexico. Yet this wonderful country is rich in different types of indigenous music that goes back  for at least 4000 years. Singer Eugenia León explores this wonderful heritage in a 3 part series. Here is one of the episodes.

Northumbria community recording

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DSC01612Over the summer we have been traveling around the country from Scotland to Wales and England collecting songs and recording musicians. What an amazing adventure and a real eye opener to the creativity within the community. The resulting CD will be an eclectic mix of styles – folk, string quartet, rock, instrumental and accapela  sung in English, Gaelic, Olde English and Dutch.


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Norway – Love Song

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We were all shocked by the horrendous happenings in Norway in 2011 and I felt for my good friends in that beautiful country. In my thoughts I often remembered a wonderful singer Hildegunn Vederhus who I had met that May in Norway. She told me some of the stories of her land and sang some of the old folk songs. This is just one (my friend John captured roughly on his iPad) that she remembered from her childhood. Here is her translation – very apt after the sadness of the last few days.

The Love Song

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Austria – Instrumental CD

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Just received an album from Edgar Unterkirchner, a musician friend in Austria – He has teamed up with Hubert Dohr to create a wonderful instrumental project combining låtmandola (Swedish mandola) with sax and clarinet (Edgar Unterkirchner). You can purchase the project @ D’Ohr records.

The New Waltz