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The Garlands for Ashes story

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A CD & DVD package
from Cambodia

Garlands for Ashes tells the story of a community of children in Phnom Penh rescued from unimaginable situations, who are nurtured back to life, given a home, hope and an artistic voice. Recorded in Phnom Penh and the Mekong delta in Cambodia this package of CD and DVD will take you to the very heart of the Cambodian Christian Arts school so that you can experience in video and pictures, sounds, songs and dances, the Khmer people of Cambodia. This blog tells the unfolding story of our partnership with this amazing community. Read More

CCAMS news update

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DSC01638Through the CD sales of Garlands for Ashes we have been able to send $5000- to help with funding –

1. A new gate that will be placed on the land that will eventually become home and school for the community.

2. Housing needs for their immediate living situation.

Learning the arrangement

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20131023150647(1)A student learns from two master players. Pastor David spent a number of years studying music in Berlin during the communist era, allowing him to miss the Pol Pot regimes harsh dictatorship. He has become very well known as a composer of Khmer music. The other teacher is a master Tro Sao player – both play a big part in teaching at the school.

Drum Orchestra

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CCAMS have now put together a drum orchestra – we are hoping to go out to Cambodia again end of October to help them record 3 new tracks – one of which will be this drum orchestra and a male vocalist.

Latest News – air tickets bought!

Books for Cambodia

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CCAMS students have written eight more books, they are just waiting for illustrations to be completed. A new children’s book entitled Remember, has recently been mass produced and distributed to local stores!  This is a caterpillar-to-butterfly story with a creative twist. Another book is ready for publication called A Hole of His Own.  It is a story for younger children about the love of two big sisters for their little brother. Blackie’s Boy, is almost ready to print.  It is the story of a dog’s sacrificial love for his boy.

They have submitted copies of their first three published books to Room-to-Read to obtain government approval for distribution to libraries all across Cambodia.