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Music that inspires

Street musician

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BUSKERSGreat day hanging out with Jonathan Walker – his first time busking in Chichester. He heads up an online community to encourage street musicians.  He writes “ASAP exists to celebrate public spaces as places of community, interaction and enjoyment. Whether you are a street artist and performer yourself, or you share our vision of public spaces being places of animation and community, we welcome your involvement. You can join here.”

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 8

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – This month we listen to some of the most exciting Balkan brass ensembles. Oh boy do they make me smile when I hear this music! Romanian band, Taraf de Haïdouks decided to mix styles with those of other Balkan countries by inviting Gypsy virtuoso musicians from Macedonia (the Koçani Orkestar brass band), Bulgaria (clarinet player Filip Simeonov) and Turkey (percussionist Tarik Tuysuzoglu).

Spiritual poems from Russia

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Found this wonderful collection of spiritual sung poems – The Oktay ensemble is the name of a children`s folklore-ethnographic ensemble who have  conducted ethnographic work on the musical culture of the “Staro Vera” (Old Believers) living in remote areas high up in the mountain headwaters of the great Siberian Yenisei river.

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La música de la Mixteca – music from Oaxaca

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Just had a wonderful afternoon discovering more about an area in Mexico that has fascinated me for a long time since I read an article in National Geographic. For most people Mariachi will be the music that is synonymous with Mexico. Yet this wonderful country is rich in different types of indigenous music that goes back  for at least 4000 years. Singer Eugenia León explores this wonderful heritage in a 3 part series. Here is one of the episodes.

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 5

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – We are out in San Diego and so this month’s selection is from another Spanish speaking country – Mexico. One of the radio stations I always look for when travelling in the car in southern California is the Mexican music stations. This music just makes me smile – pure fun. The mariachi orchestra is composed of at least two violins, two trumpets, a Spanish guitar, and two other types of guitars – the vilhuela and guitarron. Here is an amazing Mexican folk ensemble the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, who have been together in various formats since 1897 – must be some sort of record!

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 3

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – Just come back from Sweden so this months music videos comes from that beautiful land. They have some unique traditional instruments like the nyckelharpa and wonderful traditions like yoiking (a style of singing).

I love this song sung by Sofia Jannok a singer-songwriter from Sweden who has taken the  tradition of yoiking (Sami singing) and made it her own on this pop song.