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Anna Raine – We Face The Wind

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WeFaceIntotheWindCoverVery exciting to see the release of Anna Raines new CD – We Face The Wind. We have been working on this for the last couple of years and it captures something of the sound of Northumberland. Some of the songs are Anna’s compositions and some are traditional songs that we have put our own little twist. Here’s a track to whet your appetite.

Mnase Graduation

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In 2003 when we first visited Mnase village education was not a priority for children, for all sorts of reasons. Things have changed and this year they just had their ninth graduation – very excited to receive these pictures from our contact Seth. #VFTN2018

Healing drum?

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I have many stories where music has played a part in bringing healing. I remember reading a book called “The Healing Drum”  written by Yaya Diallo many years ago. In the tradition of the Minianka, music is a remedy for both physical and psychological imbalances

Recently I read on the BBC web site Musician Simon Lee, from Kent, is called on to teach drumming to patients with problems ranging from addiction to autism, and learning difficulties to mental health issues. He has even offered help to terminally ill patients needing palliative care. And he says the results are amazing.” Check out the rest of the article here.

Can music influence society?

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There are many who believe that music can influence society. One such lady is Malian born Oumou Sangare (check out her profile http://www.africanmusiciansprofiles.com/oumousangare.htm ) sometimes referred to as “The Songbird of Wassoulou.” Her songs have spoken into woman’s rights, child marriage and polygamy. The track below “Yala” is a song that hit the dance floors of Mali and criticises young people who roam late at night in search of pleasure – forgetting their traditional values.

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This next clip from Romania is a gypsy band called VAMA feat. Ralflo. The songs calls for justice for the Roma gypsies who are living in France and speaks into a French policy of President Sarkosy’s for Roma people to leave France. One line in the song says “Hey, hey Mr. Sarkozy. Why don’t you like the gypsies?”

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Another aspect of making a difference with music is when a people group encounter some type of  disaster. Rigzin Dolma is a Tibetan singer who brought out a song after the terrible earthquake in April last year dedicated to the victims. It was originally a poem that was posted after the tragedy and Rigzin put a melody to the poem. A very rough translation is … The sudden disaster, separated my beloved brothers and sisters. Dead and alive. You suffer my sorrow physically and I feel your pain heartily. My beloved brothers and sisters, our hearts will always be together.

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Lastly check out this inspirational French artist …. who followed his heart into the unknown. Take time to be inspired.

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Wandering down under

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How bizarre to come to the other side of the world and yet find ourselves in familiar surroundings. We are staying at a community called Berakah (valley of blessing) retreat near Warkworth on the North Island. Six generations of our host’s family have been on this land since 1874. The original settlers in this county were from Northumberland, UK, and as we travel around we have found many street names taken from places in North Northumberland. We have had an amazing couple of days hearing stories about this land and sharing stories from our Celtic heritage.