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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Window repair

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Thanks Seth Gidiony – just got sent some pictures from Mnase village showing the dispensary storm damage and then repairs being made to the broken windows. So thankful to all who bought the CD Sing to the Well project. Finances still help with continued community support.

Swedish folk tune

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I am back after a Swedish tour with musician friend Mark Riley from Hawai’i. During a couple of days off, I got to capture some video of this beautiful country. I also met up with Annelie Westerlund from Alingsås, who talked about the resurgence of folk music. She also told me some great stories of how music had impacted her life and how she was able to use music to encourage others.


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After many trips to Sweden I finally got a chance to sit with a Nyckleharpa player. I had heard the stories and seen videos but this was the first time to see the instrument up close – and what a work of art. The making of instruments always fascinates me and I could see the influences of the hurry-gurdy that must have inspired the inventors way back in the mists of time. This particular instrument was made by Annelie Westerlund’s father.