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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Cambodia – Takhe

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The Takhe or Krapeu (meaning crocodile in Khmer) may be one of the most recent classical Khmer instruments. It is used in wedding music, Mahori and other modern music including solo pieces.


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Here’s a wonderful vocal technique that originated in rural farming communities in Tennessee where eephers would imitate the sounds of their hogs and turkeys. This Appalachian equivalent of the “beat box” vocal style was apparently around in the 1880’s, 100 years before hip-hop became popular in modern music. In 1963, singer Joe Perkins had a minor hit with “Little Eeefin’ Annie,” featuring Jimmie Riddle, the acknowledged master of this genre. 


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Just spent a couple of days with Kerst Sikkema (Netherlands) recording. Sometimes situations dictate your creativity and with this song that was definitely the case. We had tried to record Kerst playing grand piano on 2 occasions in different rehearsal studios in London – both times we had noise problems, work men outside one studio and a very noisy foot pedal! So – we started being creative with sounds and this led us to the final result.


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