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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Kitimat B.C – a boat journey

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Martin fishingKitimat in northern British Columbia, “the end of the road” is known for it’s salmon fishing and stunning scenery. A small community that has grown since Alchem (a company who smelt aluminium) invested into the area in the 1940’s. I was fortunate enough to be asked to play at a music festival in this area and met some wonderful people. This short video is an amazing boat trip up river …. chasing the elusive big fish. Read More

Cambodia – Garlands for Ashes

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During the Khmer Rouge dictatorship in the 70’s some of the first people that were taken into captivity were the creative artists. Those that held the traditional stories of Cambodia. In February Voices from the Nations will be filming and recording a new CD and DVD project in Phnom Penh. Working with CCAM (an arts school who give hope to street children by giving them a home and schooling in their traditional arts) we will be collecting the songs and dances of this younger generation who have re-imagined the stories of old for today. This short picture video tells the story so far.