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Yearly Archives: 2007

Martin’s 50th, the beauty of the States and bizarre “orbs”!!

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Time at home and Holiday September – October)


September was a time for rest and taking some time to help at the community mother house. It was so good to be home and enjoying the simple community life again www.northumbriacommunity.org …. we feel very fortunate to have such an amazing base that we can call home.

At the beginning of October we gathered family in the south of Spain for Martin’s 50th ….. lots and lots of food, games and laughter ….. also much fun watching the English rugby team beat Australia, in the World Cup finals whilst sitting in the sun!!!

…. and our Stateside adventure. Read More

Drums over San Diego

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SanDiego2007 008A brief phone call, and we were on our way to help with a drum circle – gathering on a rooftop club in downtown San Diego. San Diego with its unique climate has many rooftop clubs and bars. The event organiser had been thinking about us, and when we rang to say hello and catch up, he was amazed to hear that we were in the country ….. over 100 people gathered from all over America and the sound of many rhythms could be heard over most of the city!!

O Jerusalem

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View from the Mount of Olives 5

“I am so sorry, but there is no room at this hotel” …. It is 4.00 am, we are weary travellers, arriving for our first ever visit to Israel, a little shocked at these immortal words, from a bygone age. Our forlorn faces suddenly revived and turned to smiles when our host then mentioned, “we do have some servant quarters available, around the back of the hotel.” Hey, if it’s good enough for Joseph and Mary ……… Read More

Viola 2

Sweden – June

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Another inspiring and musically creative time in Stockholm, recording with Viola Grafström. Her second Swedish language CD and each new project seem to take her on a deeper journey into discovering her roots and traditions. We are talking about future adventures of travelling to the north of the country and hanging out with the indigenous people group, the Same.

Jag Höjer Mitt Lov


Ropar Till Dig Herre

Read More

Viola recording

Sweden – Viola & Torbjorn Grafström

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We love our connection with Sweden (my first tour of Sweden was in my 20′s with a gospel/reggae band). What a beautiful country! I have now helped on 3 recordings in the Swedish language and it is always a joy hanging out with Viola and Torbjorn in their very unique home.


Ropar Till Dig Herre

Snow and Jazz

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Third Ear control roomAfter more snow causing chaos at Chicago airport, I flew to Los Angeles to do some more pre-production with Mark Riley from Hawaii. We are starting work on some new songs and hope to spend time in the next couple of years piecing them together. Unfortunately I spent the first couple of days with a fever in bed.

Then on to Amarillo, Texas to record a jazz album with Joann McFatter at Kevin’s brand new studio. Check out the studio www.thirdearmusic.com and check out Joann’s cool web site www.joannmcfatter.com

Snow and the Amish

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Harrisburg, PA. (Feb)

After a very mild winter here in England it was a bit of a shock to fly into the state of Pennsylvania which had been hit with up to 9ft snow drifts!! It was great to be back with friends in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and hear their stories.

19 Amish in PA

Last year I had met a family from the Amish community and this year again we spent some more time together. Theirs is quite a story …. a couple of years ago one of their family members was dramatically healed by God, which took them on a new journey, and other family members were also miraculously healed. The general understanding amongst the Amish is that God does not heal today and these family’s have come in conflict with the community’s teachings and have been ex-communicated. They have decided though, to stay as part of the Amish community even though being ostracised, praying that God would make a way for reconciliation.

Iona gigs

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The concert dates in March with Iona in Germany went well, with a surprise at one venue in Karlsruhe, friends who I had lost contact with many years ago turning up.

The concert in Cornwall was also very special, situated in Carnglaze Caverns, St. Neot, once used as a rum store, and my first gig “underground”!! Amazingly, this site has been run for the last 6 years by a Christian family who now own the slate caves and underground lakes and have renovated one large cave complete with staging, sound system and lights. Attracting orchestras, rock bands and folk musicians, this has become a prime concert venue in the middle of Cornwall. I loved spotting the regulars to this venue, laden with coats and blankets, knowing that the temperature drop inside was considerable ….. this was one gig that I was very pleased to be the drummer (I kept very warm).