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Together we can bring hope through music.

Voices from the Nations Charity seeks to build musical partnerships, through friendships with people we meet from around the world.

Although the language of music may be unique to each people group, the expression is universal, giving voice to all who have a story to tell. In many situations we have seen it bring hope to the hopeless, reconciliation in places of conflict, and a sense of belonging, restoring routes and identity to those lost in the melee of situations beyond their control.

Voices from the Nations Charity seeks to promote creative expressions, and honour artists, musicians and their stories. By giving them a voice and encouraging their God given gifts, not only can we learn from their unique perspectives but through the sales of recordings we can help them with funding homegrown ideas which can help transform the lives of the most vulnerable. 100% of sales support these projects.

The Tanzania Story:-

It was in response to a famine in central Tanzania and the resulting partnership with the Gogo people that we set up Voices from the Nations Charity.

In 2003, the arable, mud hut community of Mnase village were suffering after no rains during the rainy season; their maize crops were slowly withering away and they didn’t have an alternative harvest. The situation looked very bleak and was summed up by a chance comment from an elder as we were leaving, “We will know when it’s really bad, when the old people will stay in their huts and not come out. They will sacrifice their lives for the young.”

This comment started a chain of events that inspired us to partner with this incredibly musical people to help tell their story through recording and filming their unique songs, and dances and using them as a resource to fund various local initiatives.

This musical collaboration has enabled the restoration of a well, the design and building of a medical dispensary (work done by local villagers) and on going upkeep, including installing solar panels.

Not only has it empowered the villagers to bring about change but it has also brought understanding and awareness to those from other cultures who heard the Gogo’s vibrant music and stories.



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