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Our musical traditions are based on an ancient form of music. From the rst people that walked Turtle Island, the song and the drum have always been sacred to Native Americans. The drum has represented a way to honor and pray to the Creator of all. Music is an essential part of Native American culture – giving thanks for life, the harvest, hunting, songs of war and prayer. A duality of prayer and song, ancient chants and a drum heartbeat. This recording is a glimpse of an ancient way of worshiping in a contemporary style.

We are blessed to have such amazing friends Martin and Rebekah… and Martin has greatly inspired me to keep this pure way of music that truly pleases Creator God.

Thank you – Dagooze

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Joseph Tiwabear Bear (Pueblo/Apache) – vocals, drums & ute Martha A Gregg (Unupiaq/Hida), Carol Kiger-Rice, Cory Riley – vocals Martin Neil – drums & percussion
Recorded at Lower Warehouse Studios, San Diego
Engineer – Joel De Witt
Additional recording at Clear Sky Studio, Reading UK
Mixed by Kevin Penner at Green Bean Studios, CA
Photography – Scotty Avalos
Design –

Produced by Martin Neil

A Voices from the Nations Production