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This recording involves cultural expressions, natural soundscapes, and mixing modern music with indigenous Hawaiian instruments to help tell Mark Riley’s unfolding story of journeying with God on the island of Kaua’i.

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I hope you enjoy this Hawaiian collaboration which was recorded in Hawaii, on the island of Kaua’i, California and Northumberland, UK. Here’s the story ……

For over 20 years Mark Riley, a Californian by birth, has come to appreciate and embrace the life, culture and sounds of the Hawaiian nation. In order to honour the people and respect the friends and place he now calls home, this recording has involved cultural expressions, natural soundscapes and Hawaiian musicians to help tell Mark’s unfolding story of journeying with God on the island of Kaua’i as well as internationally.

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Mark Riley :- vocals, acoustic and high strung guitars, additional keyboards,
Martin Neil :- drums, percussion and “the stick” Hawaiian percussive instruments used: ipu and ipu heke, punui, pahu, pu’ili, ‘uli’uli, tuerre, pu’ohe and “the stick”
Tony Green :- acoustic upright & electric and fretless bass
Nate Piorek :- electric guitars
Rich Nibbe :- electric guitars
Chucky Boy Chock :- chants written and sung, pahu, punui, additional vocals
Richard “Dicky” Ochoa :- accordion and piano
Michael Ruff :- organ, keyboards
Sergio Hurtado :- ukulele
Obed Kipilii :- vocals and ukulele on Lord’s Prayer
Chris Lizotte :- additional vocals on How can it be
Angelique Lamoso :- vocals on Give it all back, Celebrate, We Give You Praise, Your Love
Jessica Penner :- vocals on Carry Me On, Heartbeat, To Your Heart, We Give You Praise
Alister Randell :- additional guitars on When I Find You
Hans Sylstra :- additional backing vocals
Janine Sylstra :- vocals on Give It All Back, Celebrate, We Give You Prais, Your Love
Eli Thompson :- bass on Celebrate
Scott Vanderhoof :- cello
Da Kine Choir of the South Shore :- you know who you are!