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Mnase Graduation

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In 2003 when we first visited Mnase village education was not a priority for children, for all sorts of reasons. Things have changed and this year they just had their ninth graduation – very excited to receive these pictures from our contact Seth. #VFTN2018

New Windows

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Due to high winds and a dust storm the medical dispensary in Tanzania has taken a hit with many broken windows. VFTN are sending resources to renew glass and curtains.

Medical Dispensary

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It was great to see the medical dispensary up and running with medicine in the cabinet, a microscope, solar panels on the roof and electricity about to be connected.  It now has full-time medical workers and fieldworkers dealing with the day to day running. Next door, the government’s hospital is now a clinic for pregnant women. It was intended for people who are severely ill and need a bed but sadly at the moment it is being used as a dorm for the field students.

When speaking with the medical staff and chairman of the village we realised that the workers don’t live near the dispensary, not the best situation. So we discussed the possibilities of building a home that would be available to those that work at the dispensary. This would be an incredible help for any emergency situations at night which at the moment aren’t covered.

Mnase village 2017

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Mnase village was like a desert and Bekah’s eyes were soon streaming as strong winds blew up dust into her eyes. Because the fields were so bare, apart from a few decimated crops, plastic litter could be seen everywhere dotting the village landscape. Before they had access to plastic all their waste would decompose naturally. No refuse collection here!

Seth has encouraged the chairman that each visit we stay in a different part of town in order to continually build friendships. This time we are staying in a house with sofas / couches and amazingly, just connected 3 days before, electricity! Wow what incredible changes in the community. Everyone was pleased to see us and there were lots of warm welcomes.

Back to Mnase village

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As we drove to Mnase the river beds were dryer than we have ever seen them before – in fact one man said he had never seen them so dry in his life – we found him digging 10 foot down to extract small amounts of water. The size of the holes were immense, conical at the top to hold back sand and straighter when hitting rocks. His hard work had brought some success as he had cultivated a small patch of greens next to the river by using the water from these deep pits.

Tanzania 2nd maize drop

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Another maize drop successfully completed – due to circumstances unknown 205 families missed their maize allocation on the first distribution. When the error was confirmed we immediately sent more support. Very thankful to all who have helped.

Tanzania Drought 2017

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We are looking at sending money to buy maize before the prices soar – and we need your help – if 1000 people gave £25 each we would be able reach our target and send maize not only to Mnase but all the surrounding villages. We so appreciate your help – Asante sana.

In the UK you can give via https://my.give.net/tanzaniadrought2017 and outside the Uk via Paypal – voicesfromthenations@hotmail.com

Tanzania relief – second truck arrives.

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A wonderful Easter present as more maize arrives for the village of Mnase. Due to the continued famine the prices for a sack of maize was still very high but Seth managed to negotiate for 124 sacks. He says “When the big truck of maize slowly entered the village, I could hear shouting all over the place. Martin, it was a very big surprise for all the villagers.”  So thankful to all those who helped make this happen.