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Music that inspires

Drums and Chants

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Sitting chatting and listening to You Tube clips from around the world with our friends Martha (Inuit) and Joseph (Pueblo). They showed me this wonderful clip from the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Music and the Brain

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Remember reading a book written by Daniel J. Levitin, a rock musician who turned his attention to cognitive neuroscience. This clip ventures down the same paths to try and explain some of the theory behind the musician and his brain.


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Talerschwingen or talerrollen is a fascinating tradition used with yodeling in the east of Switzerland. The players take a 5 Swiss franc coin and throw it inside an earthenware bowl. The bowl is then slowly rotated as they sing. Three bowls of different pitches are often used in a performance. The sound created is inspired by the cow bells heard in the fields.

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 11

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – This month’s blog comes from a playlist from the skies! I have been flying a lot this year and spent a good few hours searching through the International music sections for new music and films. Yesterday on the way to San Francisco I found a new artist from Sweden I had not heard of before called Laleh. Her web site says “she was born in Iran, fleeing that war-torn country a year later, first to Azerbaijan, then to Minsk in former Sovjet, and finally, at the age of 9, to a refugee camp in Tidaholm, Sweden.”

Street musician

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BUSKERSGreat day hanging out with Jonathan Walker – his first time busking in Chichester. He heads up an online community to encourage street musicians.  He writes “ASAP exists to celebrate public spaces as places of community, interaction and enjoyment. Whether you are a street artist and performer yourself, or you share our vision of public spaces being places of animation and community, we welcome your involvement. You can join here.”

Martin’s musical mystery tour – 8

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Martin’s musical mystery tour – This month we listen to some of the most exciting Balkan brass ensembles. Oh boy do they make me smile when I hear this music! Romanian band, Taraf de Haïdouks decided to mix styles with those of other Balkan countries by inviting Gypsy virtuoso musicians from Macedonia (the Koçani Orkestar brass band), Bulgaria (clarinet player Filip Simeonov) and Turkey (percussionist Tarik Tuysuzoglu).