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Tahitian drumming

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15thFeb-20th Vancouver, Washington. www.forwardedge.org

 Then on to another missions conference (where Martin and Mark led the music) with Forward Edge International. We heard many stories from Tibet, Sri Lanka (Tsunami relief) and Louisiana where they are doing restoring and repair work after the hurricane damage. Since the catastrophe they have sent around 55 teams southwards to help.

23rd Jan.-15th Feb Hawaii www.markrileymusic.com

 A wonderful time with Mark and his family, on the island of Kauai, looking at new songs and ideas for his next project. Martin got to sit in with a Tahitian drum group to learn more of their music, and coached one of the local football teams. If you have not heard the wonderful toerre drum being played …. then check this clip, amazing team work. The core group will be 3 log drummers each playing a different interlocking rhythm.

You can also check out some photos from a festival of Tahitian music ♥

19th-22nd Jan San Diego

 A return visit to the City of Refuge San Diego, to catch up on all their news. It is run by an incredible couple called David and Christine Dewitt who have an incredible capacity of compassion for those who are in need. You may remember that we have been there many times before and, as usual, we were involved with their daily life and work, as they continue to bring hope to those in despair. It was amazing to see how all their building work had been completed enabling them to feed and care for so many more people.


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MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJerry Chapman hand-crafts First Nation style drums and whilst visiting he allowed us to use his instruments and joined me playing percussion on a couple of the conference evenings. They both spend some of their time taking musical teams onto Native American reservations.