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Dholak drum

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A wonderful drum, I managed to pick up on my travels in India. Whereas the Tabla and Pakhavaj are used more in classically influenced situations the Dholak  is widely used in folk music in India.

Taiko drumming

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DSC01784I find it fascinating how different styles of drum groups evolve. I have found a taiko group here in San Diego that have been playing together for many years and get together to practise a few times a week. ( I managed to get in for a couple of lessons) I was first introduced to taiko through a workshop i did in the UK with the Kodo drummers who are based on Sado Island in Japan. Read More

Thai recording – Bangkok

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Thai recording

Thanks Paul for this short clip – we are in Bangkok, Thailand and have been working on a wonderful new piece of music, drums and voice, with Yam Bongkote. Yam has a real understanding of how to mix the traditional Thai vocals with a more modern style of singing. The picture gives you an idea of what I used – bass drum, floor tom, gongs, small Thai drum, Khmer mahori drum, shaker and a skateboard!

Drum Orchestra

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CCAMS have now put together a drum orchestra – we are hoping to go out to Cambodia again end of October to help them record 3 new tracks – one of which will be this drum orchestra and a male vocalist.

Latest News – air tickets bought!

Drum circle – Polk Street Block Party

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Amarillo Block Party 4

I always enjoy my annual bash at the Amarillo Polk Street Block Party. Downtown Amarillo becomes a feast of food, colour and sound as 4 stages of music help entertain the crowds.  This was my 4th year to facilitate their drum circle. We always have a blast and this year it was as popular as ever – people queuing up to get a chance to play. Read More

Korean percussion

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Here is a very passionate drum group from Korea. Kim Duk Soo playing the hourglass drum in this video was the founder of this genre of traditional Korean drumming called Samul nori (Samul meaning four objects and nori meaning to play). The group consists of the Kkwaenggwari (a small gong) a Jing (a larger gong) the Janggu (an hourglass-shaped drum) and a Buk (a barrel drum similar to the bass drum).

Tahitian drumming

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I have been learning Tahitian drumming when ever I get a chance to come to Kaua’i – and this trip I was very honoured when my teacher, Tepairu Manea invited me to play at a small craft fair event with his band. I had so much fun. The instruments played are Tahitian log drums called Tuerre (pronounced Tuelle) and a type of bass drum known as a Pahu. Can you spot the haoli (white boy)?

Skor Samphor

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This Cambodian drum is used to lead the Khmer orchestra in “Pin Peat” music and is called the Skor Samphor. It is barrel-shaped with two heads, one slightly larger than the other, played with the palms not sticks.