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Martin Neil

Te-lah-nay stone memorial

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I had read the stories but it was a very moving experience visiting Tom Hendrix’s 30 year journey of building an incredible stone memorial honouring his great great Grandmother, Te-lah-nay. A young Yuchi teenager who was forced to walk to Oklahoma during the Trail of Tears. Having grown up by the Singing River in Alabama, the sound drew her back. So after escaping she spent 5 years walking back to her land. Each stone on the memorial wall represents one step of her journey. Also, the shape, height, and width of the wall changes to represent the various obstacles she encountered.

Black Keys and White Keys

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What an incredible few days with the Black Keys and the White Keys – bringing together black and white musicians in Alabama. One highlight was stopping in Montgomery at Dexter Ave. Baptist Church – the first pastorate that Martin Luther King, Jr. took. #VFTN2019

Preparing for an evening of drums

The Heartbeat of Music

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The drum is one of the oldest known musical instruments, being played in various forms by nearly every people group in the world, producing a huge variety of sounds fashioned in many shapes and sizes, the drum provides the foundation to most traditional and modern day music.

For over 4,000 years drums have been used in many diverse situations, e.g. in religious celebrations, for sending signals or messages, on the battlefield during the Civil War, to help African slaves overcome the boredom of hard monotonous work, storytelling in China, carnivals in Brazil, healing, dancing, and entertainment. Read More

VFTN in Dorset

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0d72f40a-2ed5-4805-a85b-cf1da3ab2125Created to Worship is privileged to be working with Martin again & this time we get the full
‘Neil Package’ as Rebekah will be joining him. This weekend in February is specifically for musicians, poets, writers, storytellers, singers & songwriters.

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Mnase Graduation

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In 2003 when we first visited Mnase village education was not a priority for children, for all sorts of reasons. Things have changed and this year they just had their ninth graduation – very excited to receive these pictures from our contact Seth. #VFTN2018


Stringed Instruments

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For thousands of years people have used the simple technique of vibrating strings to create sound and harmony. Bowed, plucked or hit we have been amazed at the incredible sounds that we have heard on our travels, created by sinew, fishing line, string and wire.