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Monthly Archives: November 2018


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Another instrument that intrigued me whilst in Wales was the crwth, one of Wales’ oldest instruments. It is a form of stringed lyre which is played with a bow and which has a range of just one octave. Cass Meurig is one of the leading exponents of this wonderful instrument.

Welsh Triple Harp

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Rebekah and I have just come back from spending 8 days traveling around the south of Wales exploring some of the ancient Celtic sites. During this time we also discovered more of the rich history of music and song. The unique triple harp originated in Italy in the 16th Century yet became so popular in Wales that it is now known as the Welsh harp.

Tabwrdd drum

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IMG_0933After an evening of listening to storytelling and songs from Ray Hughes in a church in Milford Haven I got to play a tabwrrd, a traditional Welsh drum. That day I had been doing some research about this instrument and found out that there was only one drum maker in the whole of Wales who still made this traditional drum. So you can imagine my joy in turning up to a church who had a drum made by this same company. Two days later I met the makers and I am now excited to tell you that they are now in the process of making me a drum. Read More