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Czech Republic – Against all odds!

By 1. September 2016 Europe No Comments

RomanoRomana Kročilová grew up wanting to sing, dance and act but as a young girl she was told she wasn’t slim enough to dance and not able to pitch high notes. She decided to go to the doctor for help and he told her that she had a vocal chord disease and shouldn’t shout, whisper or sing! Her faith and her perseverance kept her childhood dreams alive and she eventually got a place in a music conservatory and she now sings in many bands and has sung in the Opera Carmen. Listen to her performing 2 Czech folk songs.

During a gathering with AMM (creative arts summer camp) in the Czech Republic there was a night of sharing songs, stories and creativity. In this first video she sings a folk song from Wallachia, a region of Moravia. The song is about a girl who has lost her virginity. She asks if the Wallachian boys have seen her wreath of flowers – a Czech symbol for virginity.

In the second video she sings another folk song from Wallachia. This song is about a shepherd that has left his girlfriend, and she sings out her pain to the sheep.

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