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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Tanzania relief 2016

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I have been asked “Can we still give to the Tanzania relief fund?” Yes, we are planning to send more out in a few weeks. If we don’t get a truck full we will be sending smaller amounts out to the people most in need.

In the UK you can give via https://my.give.net/tanzaniarelief and outside the Uk via Paypal – using the email voicesfromthenations@nullhotmail.com

Tanzania relief news

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So thankful to all our friends out in cyber world. The first truck load of maize is heading to the village of Mnase in the next couple of days. Sadly news from the area is not good and people are dying in some of the villages around Mnase. So lets keep telling the story and dream that we can help more villages in the area.

Seth writes :- “Two hours after sending you email tonight,The local radio reported that several People died at the Villages nar Mnase, Mlebe, Chahnumba and Kikombo, the Villages you know and visited. The problem is worse, and seem will take Very long Time before People having harvest, PLEASE What I ask on behalf of this Dying Communities, if you may have, some people you know from any other part of the World please Ask some food support”.



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When I fly back from other parts of the world to Europe, you are blinded by the colour of the land – green! The stories of our land and culture are held within folk music which has played such a big part in our history, from the celtic world of Ireland, Wales, Scotland, England, Brittany, Galicia and Asturas in Spain to the gypsy jazz and polyphonic choirs of the Balkans. In fact, over a century ago, musicians noticed that European folk music seemed to exhibit a certain personality. Today, much of this orally transmitted music has been re-imagined and fusions birthed such as folk rock, folk metal and electric folk.