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Nehara dancers

It was through an invite to a Shabbat meal in Tel Aviv that we came across Daniella Bloch, who is the founder of an all women orthodox Jewish dance group, Nehara, which means ‘light’ in Hebrew. The meal itself was to be an intimate evening in their small apartment but due to others turning up unexpectedly (they have an open door for Shabbat) we ended up taking the tables down into the street! Many who shared the meal that night were creatives, and we had many conversations about how young orthodox Jews were finding outlets for their creative expressions.

Daniella founded Nehara Dance Group in 2011 and writes – “A company comprised of professional, religiously observant dancers who aspire to create a bridge between the professional dance world and the Jewish world, and introduce a new dimension of dance and creativity to the religious and secular sectors. The interface between the religious Jewish world and artistic world and the experiences that grew out of those encounters are what inspired her to found Nehara.”

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