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Israel – Heartbeat


Ruth Fazal and I have been working together for a number of years and this is our first instrumental, violin and percussion collaboration – recorded at Pluto studios in Tel Aviv. Whilst recording 3 other projects during a 10 day period we decided to try and capture any spontaneous ideas – this album was the result. This track is called Seven.

Here are the notes from the album project.

Martin Neil is a musical wanderer who has had amazing opportunities, sitting with, and learning from master drummers in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Pacific.  These influences have inspired his rhythms and sounds to create a truly international musical tapestry.

“As I journey through life, it has often been the road less travelled that has surprised me, bringing the most memorable experiences. Likewise, with spontaneous musical moments, senses are heightened, listening becomes more acute, and there is a responding to each and every nuance that inspires innovation. It is, as if you are creating something together that has come from deep within and you’re hearing it for the first time. It has been a privilege to share this journey with Ruth.”

RUTH FAZAL was born and educated in England.  After completing her musical studies on the violin in London and in Paris, Ruth moved to Canada, where she lived for many years. Ruth currently makes her home in Israel.

 “ Often, the best moments in life are those that happen spontaneously. When we meet people whose hearts seem to be in sync with our own, it gives us a wonderful feeling.  It is the same with music. From the first time that I had the privilege to play with percussionist Martin Neil, we seemed to have a mutual understanding that was not about words, but about telling a story- in music. We have played together for many years, and in many countries. This is the first time that we have tried to capture the spirit of some of those ‘spontaneous moments’.   The blend of the violin with the percussion  creates a unique sound experience, and opens the door for us all to dream and to imagine.  I hope that you are able to enter in with us, and enjoy the moment!”

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