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Good news update

By 15. July 2015 Tanzania No Comments

Tanzania Feb 2009 gr3 159The medical dispensary in the village has had incredible use and the government has recognised this and has sent 5 more workers to help with the growing health demands. We have sent funds this year for medical supplies and various repairs and updates.

DSCF9529Two windows and shutters on the east side broke during heavy winds and are being repaired. We are replacing the solar power battery which has had problems. This is very important so that help can be given after the sun goes down. Table covers etc have also been purchased.

Other news is the government is putting a main line of electricity through the village. This will pass very close to the dispensary and we are arranging for wiring to be done to connect the dispensary to the grid. This will mean that the dispensary will have power from the grid during the day and solar power at night.

Also the government has provided a microscope for the unit and we are getting an electrical invertor so that we can use it with the solar power.

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