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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Drums and Chants

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Sitting chatting and listening to You Tube clips from around the world with our friends Martha (Inuit) and Joseph (Pueblo). They showed me this wonderful clip from the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada.

Drum Song

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A moment of spontaneous drum music during a gathering at the Santa Ynez reservation in California. The two voices are a male Pueblo Indian chant and a female voice singing in Hebrew.

Chumash percussion

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DSC02325The Chumash from Santa Barbara used different shakers as percussive instruments for keeping time – here’s a split-stick rattle (wansaq’), and they also used deer toe rattles and clam shell rattles (clam shells are filled with small pebbles and mounted on a stick). Listen.

Chumash reservation

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First Nations - Chumash reservation - 04

It was an honour to be invited to a gathering of tribes on the Santa Ynez Chumash reservation. A people group that numbered tens of thousands  along the islands and coastline of Santa Barbara yet are now down to the last couple of hundred. Sadly, through missions and the European settlement, the Chumash started to speak Spanish and even took Spanish names trying to hide their Indian identity.  The last fluent Samala speaker died in 1965.  Read More

Music and the Brain

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Remember reading a book written by Daniel J. Levitin, a rock musician who turned his attention to cognitive neuroscience. This clip ventures down the same paths to try and explain some of the theory behind the musician and his brain.