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By 24. September 2014 Europe No Comments

Christian David tomb stone

As the early morning mist hovered over the fields like a soft blanket, I walked uphill towards the prayer tower onĀ GottesackerĀ (God’s acre). Gravestones etched with the marks of time loomed eerily out of the haze and I pondered on the stories that they held.

Herrnhut (the Lord’s watch or on the watch of the Lord) has now become a gathering place, a watering hole for those pilgrims and wanderers seeking to walk the ancient paths of faith. Such a small hidden place, yet, the nations come here to pray, hoping for an impartation, from the God whose narrative soaks the land.

And those graves; hold not only stories but many, many songs – apparently there were many prolific songwriters and musicians – the archives still held by the village community.

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