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Yearly Archives: 2013

Drum Orchestra

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CCAMS have now put together a drum orchestra – we are hoping to go out to Cambodia again end of October to help them record 3 new tracks – one of which will be this drum orchestra and a male vocalist.

Latest News – air tickets bought!

Solar panels for Tanzania

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Exciting news – Mnase village medical dispensary now has Solar panels. This will make a huge difference to care being given at night. Up to now they have used lamps that caused black smoke to fill the building, causing problems for patients, nurses and doctors.

New windows for Mnase dispensary

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A couple of months ago there was a large storm at Mnase village which caused damage to the medical dispensary. Broken windows and frames meant that the doctor has had to work under difficult conditions due to dust and leaves etc. New windows and frames have now been made.

Drum circle – Polk Street Block Party

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Amarillo Block Party 4

I always enjoy my annual bash at the Amarillo Polk Street Block Party. Downtown Amarillo becomes a feast of food, colour and sound as 4 stages of music help entertain the crowds.  This was my 4th year to facilitate their drum circle. We always have a blast and this year it was as popular as ever – people queuing up to get a chance to play. Read More

Street musician

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BUSKERSGreat day hanging out with Jonathan Walker – his first time busking in Chichester. He heads up an online community to encourage street musicians.  He writes “ASAP exists to celebrate public spaces as places of community, interaction and enjoyment. Whether you are a street artist and performer yourself, or you share our vision of public spaces being places of animation and community, we welcome your involvement. You can join here.”

Czech Republic architecture

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Found this quote in one of my old National Geographic’s  –  “Look, I was born in Austro-Hungary,” said a man in his 80’s. “I grew up in Czechoslovakia, suffered from Germans, spent 40 years in a colony of Russia – without leaving Prague! Now we’re Czechs again, like we’ve been for a thousand years. What’s so bad about that?” (Sept 1993 Nat Geog). Just about sums up their history – this has all added to the most unique architecture and design.

Books for Cambodia

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CCAMS students have written eight more books, they are just waiting for illustrations to be completed. A new children’s book entitled Remember, has recently been mass produced and distributed to local stores!  This is a caterpillar-to-butterfly story with a creative twist. Another book is ready for publication called A Hole of His Own.  It is a story for younger children about the love of two big sisters for their little brother. Blackie’s Boy, is almost ready to print.  It is the story of a dog’s sacrificial love for his boy.

They have submitted copies of their first three published books to Room-to-Read to obtain government approval for distribution to libraries all across Cambodia.


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We often use maps of the world to encourage people to discuss perspective – all maps are saying something but often it is not what we think they are saying.  You have to know what the cartographer is trying to depict to really understand the map. Also as time moves on we learn more and can ask questions behind why we might have done things a certain way in the past eg for political reasons. Here’s a fun clip from a TV episode that looks at this conundrum.

Interestingly whilst on a recent flight I read about “trap streets” – apparently cartographers for centuries have misnamed streets or made up new ones for the sole purpose of catching those who copied or reprinted maps as their own. The London A-Z was reported to have more than 100 trap streets by the mid 2000’s. This you will be pleased to know is now a dying art!