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A House in Bali

By 7. October 2013 Asia No Comments

Reading a wonderful book called “A House in Bali” about Colin McPhee’s journey with Balinese music. He was the main person who enlightened the rest of the world to sacred Gamelan with years of intensive investigation and writing.

Inspired by the book – I then found this wonderful documentary on the music of Bali in the BBC archives – now on You Tube – if nothing else listen to the amazing monkey chant @ 27 mins – it’s stunning!

One quote from the book that made me smile –

“Since the piano had twelve tones to the g’nder’s five, the music I played had no meaning for Nyoman. Tourists have brought back romantic tales of the Balinese taste for Bach, but this was quite impossible. Nyoman’s reaction to western music was typical. It was a complicated noise without order, tempestuous and baffling in it’s emotional climaxes, dragging on and on and leading nowhere. Your music is like someone crying, he said. Up and down, up and down for no reason at all”.                        A House in Bali – Colin Mcphee Page 45.

If you live in the UK and you are interested in learning more about Gamelan  – Mike Simpson is your man @ Inspire works and here’s the link to his Gamelan orchestra.

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