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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Korean percussion

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Here is a very passionate drum group from Korea. Kim Duk Soo playing the hourglass drum in this video was the founder of this genre of traditional Korean drumming called Samul nori (Samul meaning four objects and nori meaning to play). The group consists of the Kkwaenggwari (a small gong) a Jing (a larger gong) the Janggu (an hourglass-shaped drum) and a Buk (a barrel drum similar to the bass drum).

El Día de Reyes

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We have just celebrated the Spanish equivalent to Christmas Day known as the 3 Kings Day which is held on Jan 6th. The night before, 3 Kings upon floats and bands take to the streets throwing sweets to children and families lining the pavements. There is an old tradition in rural areas that children will leave their shoes outside filled with straw and carrots, hoping that the 3 Kings (especially Baltazar who rides a donkey and is believed to be the gift giver) will visit during the night and leave them gifts for the morning.