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Monthly Archives: June 2011

DVD progress

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Fishing Dance

A quick update on the Cambodia project – we are just finishing the last video for the DVD. There will be loads of material for the DVD as this time good friend Jerry Curd from Digital Image accompanied us to film. We hope to include – a clip on Cambodia – another about CCAM and their story – 5 videos of traditional Khmer dances – 3 traditional orchestra pieces – individual instruments – and a photo gallery of life.

Videos from Tanzania

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Here is a collection of new videos recorded on our 2011 return trip to Tanzania. A great rainy season has brought the best harvest for over 8 years which in turn has made an unbelievable difference to life in the village.  Celebration is everywhere, not only for provision, we have arrived at a very special time of year in central Tanzania as Gogo children head out of the village for male circumcision …. the drummers are in full voice, often celebrating all through the night. Their light weight drums are made from a wood called muheme.

Check out more videos ….. Read More

Mhongwa drum

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A chance discussion about old sounds resulted in a very special discovery. This instrument is the last one in the village and had not been played for around 20 years. With a dual purpose it gathered maize during the day and was turned upside down and used as a drum for certain occasions. It was mainly used during female circumcision and as that custom has died out completely, the instrument has also now been forgotten.

Gogo drummers

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It’s a very special time of year in central Tanzania as Gogo children head out of the village for male circumcision …. the drummers are in full voice, often celebrating all through the night. Their light weight drums are made from a wood called muheme.

Medical dispensary finished!

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So here it is – THANKS to all who bought the Sing to the Well CD – we now have a finished medical dispensary. The first medical unit in this village. The interesting part of the story is that the government has now been kicked into action and they have almost completed a clinic which will be adjacent to this new dispensary. Unfortunately governmental red tape has stopped the opening of our facility until later in June. The government have promised that they will supply a doctor, nurse and supplies.

The untouchable drum

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Very interesting …. a short video from a documentary out soon about the psychological and economic processes of transformation for a group of outcast/untouchable drummers in rural India.

Natural resources for Tanzania

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IMG_1660Rebekah’s family have always been interested in natural remedies. Through some research on the internet we have come in contact with a company called Anamed whose focus is on encouraging the natural resources that each country has in their land. Western drugs, when they can be obtained are very expensive, so we have been asking the question of what natural resources are available within central Tanzania. Read More

100 years old

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What’s the biggest change in your life time?” was the question we asked the oldest man in the village. “Female circumcision” he replied whilst other men around laughed. An interesting statement from someone who has lived through so many other changes in his community – this practise has completely died out amongst the Wagogo people due to teaching and a governmental campaign throughout Tanzania. His answer may have been due to the season we were in – we had arrived during male circumcision time (a real celebration were the drummers played all night – every night) and many of the young boys were seen coming back early in the morning on the backs of bicycles from the special place. The old man then left to go and play an African game that requires good memory skills – not bad for 100!

Back to Tanzania

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So good to be back in Tanzania – we have heard that Mnase village have had the best harvest for 8 years! It will be amazing to be there for the first time when they have an abundance. Every other trip has been when they were in a poor situation concerning crops. The land looks so green for June – amazingly beautiful.

Cambodia – The executioner

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Just watched an amazing piece of journalism on BBC 4 … harrowing but well worth the watch.

It’s a documentary about Comrade Duch, who ran the Tuol Sleng prison camp in Phnom Penh and was the first Khmer Rouge leader to be tried by the Cambodian courts for the regime’s crimes. On 28 February 2009 Kaing Guek Eav, alias Duch, appeared in the ECCC courtroom and made a two-hour speech where he asked for forgiveness for the appalling torture and execution of at least 13,000 prisoners at Tuol Sleng and probably more in the security camps of M-13 and M-99. Until this date, with the exception of a handful of judges, lawyers and a priest, he had not been seen or heard of for the last thirty years. How did a man, known to be kind and generous to fellow students, possibly transform himself into Comrade Duch, the Khmer Rouge’s infamous executioner? This documentary revisits and searches for clues.