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Sing to the Well (Tanzania)

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In 2005, Martin and Rebekah Neil were recording in a rural community in Tanzania. Now, “Sing to the Well” brings the people’s story home to you. The CD & extra DVD present a musical glimpse of the sounds, songs and rhythms of a beautiful people, the Wagogo. The harsh realities of their lives do not stifle them; they retain their creative passion to sing, dance and give thanks to God.


Be transported into the heart of the Wagogo community and experience for yourself the atmosphere and spirit of hope.

Best of all, as you enjoy the music and the story, you will be directly supporting the construction of wells in the village and a medical unit, as all monies go back to the village.

100% of sales go straight to projects in Mnase village when you buy the Sing to the Well CD and DVD Even in a good year water is scarce and you would have to walk 2km to drink, cook, or wash. The CD sales will go back to the community to fund rebuild old wells and dig new ones. Care will be needed to ensure that the new water does not endanger people by lowering their resistance to less clean supplies. This CD & DVD project enables the villagers to fund this engineering and expertise through their own product.

We encourage you also to join in the project. Discover and explore through the music and stories on this CD & DVD, a beautiful people, the Wagogo.

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