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CCAM pictures

The Idea is to go back maybe in Jan 2010 to help them tell their story through their arts. We will partner with them by recording their traditional Khmer music, their new songs written by the students and filming their cultural dances (our good friend Jerry Curd, a cameraman is available for the adventure). CCAMS have a dream of opening up an arts centre just outside Phnom Penh in Kompong Chnang (they have purchased land there) which would be a facility where they could grow their own food and have multiple buildings for school, auditorium and housing, enabling them to take in more children. 100% of funds from the sales of the recordings will go back to them to help in this endeavour to provide a new home for the community.

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  • Chris Mitchell says:

    Beautiful use of the heterophonic texture – instruments with different timbres playing the same melody with embellishments. Lovely photos too – the combination of the venue, the colours and the expressive faces is very winning. When can we all go!?

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