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By 9. September 2009 Oceania No Comments

There have been some significant changes for the Maori people since I was here 12 years ago. It was only 50 years ago that they were unable to speak their own language in schools without being reprimanded. Now they have their own Te Reo (Maori language TV channel), the use of their language is on the rise and there are Maori members of government. Sadly, many of New Zealand churches still hang on to imported styles of music (Australia, States, etc), unaware, it seems, of the treasures it has within its own borders. A few contemporary musicians and artists are mixing the languages and bringing traditional and modern expressions together. Check out CD’s by Whirimako Black (of 1 Giant Leap fame), Fat Freddys Drop, Te Waka, The Little Bushmen and the video above of Moana and the Tribe.

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