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Monthly Archives: June 2007

O Jerusalem

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View from the Mount of Olives 5

“I am so sorry, but there is no room at this hotel” …. It is 4.00 am, we are weary travellers, arriving for our first ever visit to Israel, a little shocked at these immortal words, from a bygone age. Our forlorn faces suddenly revived and turned to smiles when our host then mentioned, “we do have some servant quarters available, around the back of the hotel.” Hey, if it’s good enough for Joseph and Mary ……… Read More

Viola 2

Sweden – June

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Another inspiring and musically creative time in Stockholm, recording with Viola Grafström. Her second Swedish language CD and each new project seem to take her on a deeper journey into discovering her roots and traditions. We are talking about future adventures of travelling to the north of the country and hanging out with the indigenous people group, the Same.

Jag Höjer Mitt Lov


Ropar Till Dig Herre

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Viola recording

Sweden – Viola & Torbjorn Grafström

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We love our connection with Sweden (my first tour of Sweden was in my 20′s with a gospel/reggae band). What a beautiful country! I have now helped on 3 recordings in the Swedish language and it is always a joy hanging out with Viola and Torbjorn in their very unique home.


Ropar Till Dig Herre