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Tanzania recording – pictures

“Sing to the Well” CD and DVD

We are really pleased that this African project is going so well and we’ve been really encouraged by the feedback that has been coming in from people who have bought the project. If you have not read our news recently then this is a CD and DVD that we recorded in Tanzania, Africa of the Wagogo people playing their instruments and singing their songs. All of the money from the sale of the CD/DVD’s will go back to the village to help dig wells there. (If you want more info. Please email us) If you haven’t already bought one PLEASE consider buying one to help the Wagogo…you will also learn a lot about them and hopefully be encouraged and inspired by their story. We have opened an account called Sing to the Well and all correspondence re the sales can be sent to our home headed Sing to the well … (that means that when we are away they will be dealt with!)

For wisdom in all our dealings with Tanzania Of our two main contacts in the region one has no transport to get into the village at the moment (his motor-bike has broken down), and the others (a missionary family) have had to return to the States for personal reasons. Please pray for both these families. For a person to be found to effectively survey for water For locals to be found with the skills to dig wells (If possible we would like to use local people for everything)

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