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Yearly Archives: 2000

Karibu to Kenya

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Kenya from the air

Looking out over the nearside aircraft wing, the first golden rays of daylight pierce the distant horizon, as the air steward announces in kiswahili of our impending landing in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. I have travelled with a team of 15 to help with a conference, musical concerts and takeing supplies to village schools. The tannoy system crackles into life again, “Karibu”, welcome to Kenya. Read More

Reconcilliation in Rwanda

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RwandaLeaving Entebbe airport in Uganda behind us, the seemingly never-ending vastness of Lake Victoria below, our destination was a small African country, Rwanda. Tucked just south of Uganda, west of Tanzania, north of Burundi and east of Zaire, this beautiful green land of a thousand hills was the scene of a devastating genocide just six years ago. Between half a million to one million people were massacred and two million became refugees at a time when this country was considered one of the most Christian in Africa, 90% of the population called themselves either Roman Catholic or Protestant. Read More

Rwanda Dance

Rwanda – Mana, Kiza U Rwanda

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An amazing collaboration bringing Hutu’s and Tutsi’s together, two people groups who had been traumatised by the effects of genocide. Songs of reconciliation were written and sung talented young Rwandans and Dave Bankhead oversaw both in Rwanda and the UK the production.